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Find a Job in Dubai – Useful Tips for Fresh Graduates to Search & Find a Job

Search & finding a job is now a little bit easy as almost every job is posted online. You need to know where can you find your skills-relevant jobs & where they are posted. Hundreds of thousands of graduates get out of universities every year. Some start their own work & some of them start searching to find jobs, which make them search job for themselves. Post pandemic situation is encouraging businesses to expand their operations again, which is creating a lot of opportunities both for fresh graduates & experienced people. One can easily find a job in Dubai, with some struggle & online search. Infect, everyone looks for a job, those who don’t have jobs, look for the job & those who already have, look for a better opportunity. The most important thing you should know is, how & where to search for a job.


Assume yourself a brand & the resume is your advert. The best CV can lead you to find a job easily, that’s why you need to have a great CV. Present your skills, education & experience in a way that impresses the hiring team to shortlist & call you for an interview.

Writing it through recruiting agency or recruiting consultant would be great or you can check for paid CV formats online, a lot of websites provide it.

Job Sites:

Nowadays almost everything is done online, you need to check & list all the major online job websites. You can find Online jobs in Dubai easily by registering to all the top job portals & downloading the apps. The Cadima Jobs app is one of the best job apps in Dubai to find your next dream job. List all the portals and register yourself with your latest CV & complete all the sections necessary for finding jobs. 


LinkedIn is another top channel for finding a great job. Almost all recruiters, companies and professionals are active on LinkedIn. Companies post jobs and other related stuff on their business pages. Professional connect and share content, jobs, and other field-related content on LinkedIn. LinkedIn networking & connections are also good to find a good job. LinkedIn job groups are also very helpful in finding a great job.


List all the companies & their career pages. It is the direct way of contacting companies which looking for candidates. Check the list regularly for finding jobs, as it directly sends the application to the company’s Inbox. Search the list of relevant companies in Dubai & start applying on daily basis to all the relevant jobs posted online. 

Social Media Group:

Social media is another helpful channel for finding jobs online now. Companies & recruiters have made a lot of social media groups including WhatsApp, Facebook, LinkedIn, and communities & post jobs there regularly. Join such groups and start applying for jobs posted online.


Making a list of companies you apply to will lead to having a good database of companies with time. It will be easy to start applying in the future whenever you need a job to find. 

Call & follow up:

Follow-up emails have a good impression and it show the candidate’s interest in a certain job. It increases the chances of being called for an interview by a great percentage. Companies take at least a week; you should send a follow-up email after a week or a while. Some job portals also send reminder email notifications to the candidates so that they can send follow-up mail. 

Candidates also can make well-organized and scripted cold calls but it may lead to unwanted remarks and feedback, which is why Emails are highly recommended.

Don’t waste Time:

Time is money in this fast digital age, in Dubai, you need to be organized and search for a job every time without wasting a time. Utilize & spend the time preparing the interviews, searching new portals and companies, increasing the list of companies in your database, & send applications for every job post.

Don’t Lose Heart:

The most important thing you need to have - is courage, spirit, and energy. Don’t lose heart, apply actively. You may fail the interviews but don’t lose your heart, you should keep the struggle up to mark. In the fast race of life, there would be something waiting for you, but you need to put all the energy and effort to get your target.