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How to Get a Job in Dubai - Secrets From Dubai Recruiters

UAE is a business paradise for companies with a lot of business opportunities, they have hundreds of thousands of job opportunities produced every quarter in every field & industry.  Like every developed country, Dubai, one of the United Arab Emirates 07 Emirates, has a highly active job market. Every job market has certain job search secrets and pinpoints which help expats in finding a job easily. Many people find it difficult to find a suitable job in UAE, some return to their native countries without finding a job, some encounter dead ends and some get in bad starts. We are summarizing a few useful steps in finding jobs in Dubai easily are given as under:

  • Don’t Apply Over a limit on Daily Basis.
  • Start searching at the right time of the year.
  • Search and find the suitable and most relevant jobs.
  • Shortlist & find the best Dubai job portals and recruiters.
  • Use Modern Formats with Updated information, Skills & Experience data.
  • LinkedIn profile optimization
  • Local Number
  • Set & Routine & Visit the offices too.

Don’t Apply Over a limit on Daily Basis.

 You may think it is weird, but it is the most important approach to follow. A common understanding is that applying for more jobs will get you a job easily while this is not the case. To get a job in Dubai, you need to be precise and very clear and apply for the most relevant jobs, relevant jobs will also help you to grow easily. Apply for jobs in an organized way, so that you can attend all the interviews and don’t miss any interviews because of date & time conflicts. As Dubai has many job openings, it should be your priority to start with it at least 10 days before landing here. 

If you start living in Dubai, then you shouldn’t apply for another Emirate on the same day, as it may cause date & time conflict problems, to attend both if you get an interview call from 02 different emirates on the same day.

Prepare a list of top companies & add names to it regularly, and check for the relevant job opportunities & their hiring process. Start targeting the list one by one on daily basis, and visit the HR offices, if some of the companies offer walk-in interview facilities. 

You Shouldn’t need to follow every interview call, make proper R & D to avoid any possible scam if you sense something fishy. Remember one point, do not pay anyone for a job or on the name of job search charges or registration. You should leave the place ASAP if you visit there.

Start searching at the right time of the year.

 No one is stopping you from applying for jobs in UAE at any time or month of the year but there are some months when recruitment is slowed down while there is also a time when hiring is at its peak. I personally have experienced it. In my personal experience, October is the start of the hiring season which actively last till February.  March, April & May also have jobs in the market to search for.  If you are shifting for to find Job in UAE, you need to focus on these months to visit.

The jobs start declining from the mid of May & to June, and July & August are the bad times to relocate & search for a job. In summer, there is always a huge drop in jobs availability. You should plan your visit according to the job season in Dubai.

Search and find the suitable and most relevant jobs.

If you want to get the job easily, you need to search the best relevant, suitable, and skills-matching jobs for yourself. You should also know where to search & how to start the search process. You shouldn’t follow every job portal to apply for jobs but keep it clean and handy. 

Applying for too many job roles can make it difficult for you to get a job. No one is a good fit for every job but only for the relevant jobs only. Every company looks for shortlisting those with the most relevant experience and skills. Try to read the job description, responsibilities, and relevancy, as it may cause huge problems later.

If you are a fresh graduate, you should have some favorite line or job role, and start searching by role and industries you have finalized. Apply for those jobs you have at least 75% - 80% of relevancy. Do not apply for an Arabic language job if you don’t know Arabic, the same rule applies to other languages too.

Shortlist & find the best Dubai job portals and recruiters.

To find a job you need to know where the majority of jobs are posted and where can you find the job. You need to search and shortlist the jobs portals where you can majority of the vacant positions. There are hundreds of job portals but you need to know & shortlist the top job portals. 

  2. Cadima Jobs (Jobs in Dubai App)
  3. LinkedIn
  4. UAE Helper
  5. Gulf Talent
  6. Dubizzle
  7. Bayt
  8. Naukri gulf
  9. Monster gulf

There are the most active websites with reliable job providers. But you should remember that no one can have full control over stopping scam companies from posting jobs on any website. 

There are also a lot of recruiters who provide recruitment services against some charges. They have huge connections and jobs available from different of their client companies. Also, they know the UAE job market nicely & also companies contact them to get the most suitable candidates for them.

CV, Use Modern Formats with Updated information, Skills & Experience data.

CV is like your spokesperson & it is a complete representation of your qualifications, skills & experience. Your CV should have all the information in a well-presented format so that the HR person can find your most important information without searching for it. 

Give a Subject according to your skill & experience & add it right after a Name.  Like “Name – 11 Years in Digital Marketing”. The title is like a punch line for the recruitment staff, they will have an instant understanding of one expertise & years of experience. It acts as a catalyst for HR staff to look into candidates’ other information to have a detailed idea about candidates. 

Add your UAE local address or just the Emirate name you are residing. If you are Residing in let’s suppose Dubai, & you are applying for any other Emirate, you should remove it or you can write the emirate name you are applying for, the reason behind this is that you don’t have any permanent residence address so that you can’t relocate anywhere in UAE. Also, it will increase the chances of getting the job as companies prefer to hire candidates from nearby. 

Another solution is that you clearly write it on your CV along with the location in a bracket that you are open to relocate to any Emirate.

LinkedIn profile optimization:

One of the most important tasks on your to-do list is optimizing your LinkedIn profile. Fill it with all the relevant information with the popular keywords of your field and qualification. It will increase your chances of getting the desired job easily.  Start using it regularly, and follow and connect with companies and recruiters as almost every company and recruiter is active on LinkedIn. Companies and HR staff search LinkedIn almost every time they have to hire a resource. Adding keywords and Hashtags are important as HR teams search for potential candidates through relevant keywords.

Set your profile status as Open to Work, place a banner on your profile, write a catchy headline & list all the companies in the experience section. Fill the skills section with all the skillsets you have and also conduct some skills tests offered by LinkedIn.

Local Number:

The local number is the first need even before you reach UAE. The best would be to activate WhatsApp right after reaching UAE. As tourist visa holders can’t buy mobile phone numbers, it is advised to get a friend or relative sim to be used for jobs-related calls and communication.

Do not write your native country number on your CV, it makes the recruiters understand that the person may reside somewhere in his/her native country. 

Set & Routine & Visit the offices too:

Setting a routine of early to bed and early to rise is the best approach to find a job easily in UAE. If you start your day early and start applying, you will get a higher response against your job applications. Divide the day times into three different groups and spend your time while applying in those slots. Spend 02 Hours in the morning, after a two to three hours break, refresh your job search, and apply for almost all the posted jobs from the same Emirate because you would possibly miss any interviews if you go for an interview in another emirate. 

Two hours in the morning, two to three hours in the Noon & After Noon, and 1 to 2 hours in the evening & after the evening, try to follow this routine on workdays. For weekends and Sundays, you should prepare a list to visit the famous tourist destinations to refresh yourself. You should try to keep yourself refreshed and not be stressed; you will find the job for sure.