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Jobs in Dubai - All about getting jobs in U.A.E

UAE airports are among the busiest airports in the world. Flights land and depart carrying tourists, job seekers, and expats every day. Millions of people are living and working in UAE, from different countries. Dubai is the most advanced city & the corporate center of the United Arab Emirates, with hundreds of thousands of companies & businesses active in the corporate sector having different kinds of jobs for expats and people living here. There are millions of jobs produced every year in every sector, industry, and field which are filled by not only the locals but by expats too. People flock toward Dubai & Emirates every day from across the world. You should know a few things while coming to live and finding a job in Dubai or UAE. Here we are presenting some steps and guidelines which every job seeker should follow to find jobs in UAE. It will have all the information about how to get in here, live & how to get a job in Dubai.


Before everything, you should prepare yourself mentally, as the more you are specific and clear in your mind, the least chance you would have to get cold feet at the last moments. 

List all the things, you have to keep with you, things that come under your daily use should be prepared and packed on the first number. If you are on medication, you should bring the medicines for some time so that you can concentrate on your job search without any stress. 

Another scenario is, if you have an offer from a company, then you shouldn’t be worried about the medical or taking more medicines for future use, because job visa holders have the facility of having medical insurance. The most important thing is, clearly ask the company about medical insurance while finalizing the job hiring process. 


If you have a visit visa & searching for a job, you should be highly prepared before even landing in Dubai. You would need to save money so that you can survive the situation nicely until you find the job. Upon successful job hiring, the company provides the visa & work permit, so, your first priority should be finding a job.

Some countries have visa-on-arrival facilities too, but you should check the eligibility of your country before anything.


You should know what kind of medicines you can take and what you can’t. Some medicines which may be legal in other countries may be restricted or illegal in Dubai, so you need to have a proper prescription & medical history with you. In some cases, you also need prior permission from the ministry of health, but it is not very common.


You need to know about the law. Law & order situation is at best and implemented very nicely. You should at least know about the possible daily life rules. No one is allowed to disturb others & the surroundings, misbehave, or cause any sort of harm to anyone. 


Salary is tax-free in UAE & Dubai. Expats from different countries find it very attractive to have a good job and a tax-free salary in here. VAT is implemented here in Dubai. So, this is one of the surprising things you should know about living and working in Dubai.

Transport System:

Dubai’s transport system is very organized and cheap. RTA connects and keeps moving Dubai with its wide range of Taxis, Metro Busses, and Metro Trains system which interconnect the whole of Dubai. Government invests hugely in Dubai’s transport system. So, if you are coming to Dubai, you need to download the Dubai metro app, have all the information about transport routes through the map, and remember the names of possible destinations & list of your must-go places. 


The weather is hot and very tough for some people to even bear it. Most people keep indoors, because of the extreme heat in summer. If someone is coming from a cool place, he or she may face problems bearing the extreme heat of summer. In the winter, the climate changes but not very cold & it brings the most amazing time in Dubai which is also the peak of the tourist and jobs season which last from the end of September till February end.


Dressing is the main thing in anyone’s personality. The dress enhances our appearance and indicates our taste. Dubai is a multicultural city, and it is not mandatory but in general, it brings value to the interviewer’s mind about your personality. 

Job Search:

Jobs are in great numbers in the United Arab Emirates, but you need to be prepared to search and find a job in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and or any part of the United Arab Emirates. 

You need to have an updated CV filled with all your academic qualifications, skills, experience, and contact information. The CV format should be new and up to date, you can check the most advanced CV formats online. Your CV should have a title of your field & years of experience like “Name – 10 years in digital marketing”, it will facilitate the human resource officials to know about your experience & skills within no time & & will encourage them to shortlist your CV for an interview. Do not use your home country number on your CV, you would decrease the chances to be called for interview.

Like stated before jobs are everywhere in every field and sector in the United Arab Emirates. The need is you should know your target industries and jobs. You also should know where you can find most of the jobs, posted regularly. Also, list all the job online job portals to search and find jobs in Dubai. List all the famous job portals, like Cadima Jobs – Find a job in UAE jobs app, which not only help the UAE jobseekers to find a job in UAE but also the candidates can chat with the companies directly through the Cadima Jobs – Jobs in Dubai App. To speed up the hiring process, Cadima Jobs in the United Arab Emirates App also facilitates companies to have video interviews with job seekers.

The most important thing is your frequency of sending job applications. You should divide the day into different sections based on every job portal time or segment. Start applying through all the top portals in the morning, you should spend applying at least 3 hours in the morning, 02 hours in the afternoon, and 02 hours after the evening. Keep this routine for 5 weekdays, as Saturdays and Sundays are off, so you should refresh yourself on these two days. Visiting all the popular tourist destinations would be a good choice. Resume the job search process after Sunday evening, so that you can find and apply for the jobs posted on Friday night & Saturday.


After landing here, you would need a place to live in. You need to check and arrange a place for yourself before landing here. You can check & contact the property owners’ listings to negotiate the terms and conditions. Also, there are a lot of Expats’ social media groups that have a lot of posts people search for roommates. A friend also can arrange a place for you. Jobs in Dubai

In case you have an offer from a company, you should inquire about the residence if you offer it from a company, as the residence rent is a bit expensive in Dubai.