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Jobs in Dubai - Complete Guide to Know all about Finding Jobs in UAE

UAE jobs, salary guide, best places to work, and hiring trends explained.

Dubai is like a UAE job generation machine, hundreds of thousands of highly active businesses produce thousands of jobs every month. Dubai has the world’s lowest employment ratio of 0.5%. Businesses always try to add valuable talents to their teams to beat the rising market competition & to ensure business growth. The key element which makes UAE the talent hub is its attraction to talented people from across the world. International ranking Global talent ranked fourth for global talent attraction. The most amazing thing about UAE & Dubai is that it provides the best learning and skills enhancement opportunities for everyone. Job seekers visit UAE to find jobs here, grow & polish their skills and have a good income. Dubai has the highest ratio of jobs among all the Seven Emirates of the United Arab Emirates announced & posted, which is why Expat’s first priority is Dubai.  Dubai job market has few job availabilities seasons in which the companies add new resources to their teams, which mainly start from September and last till February. Summers are tough for job search & going for interviews. If you want to visit Dubai for a Job search, you need to be aware of these months, that’s why it is suggested, to start your visit at the End of September or the start of October. The weather would be good to go out to attend the interviews and also find jobs because of the active jobs season. 

Like the rest of the world, UAE has many sectors which relatively offer high wages than other fields. Below we are going to list few of the higher salaries field in UAE.

Best Jobs in the UAE – With High Salaries

After the pandemic years of uncertainty, the UAE jobs market has gained a remarkable recovery and has produced a lot of job opportunities while the hiring processes resumed very nicely. Interestingly, work-from-home trends are also getting on the rise. The international investment made the businesses expand their services & lot of businesses are getting in & opening offices in Dubai. Market confidence leads companies to gear up their plans for new adding new talent to their teams.  

Infect, Dubai is UAE companies center & the tourist main attraction point which makes UAE one of the most visited countries. Dubai has a broad and a very huge expats community from every corner of the world & is a big world talent center. Every month thousands of expat land here while searching for a job, relevant to their skills, experience, and educational backgrounds. Businesses love to hire new people for their business growth as the competition is getting high with digital transformation & online commerce trends boost.

The most demanding positions which are in demands are CFOs, software developers, Finance Managers, Investment analysts, sales & marketing specialists, data engineers, advanced analysts, data management professionals, UI/UX designers, E-Commerce & Digital Marketing Specialists, etc. One of the bigger challenges is the business expectations vs the candidate experience and specialties.

Dubai & UAE market may bring a lot of challenges too for the newcomers. Dubai has its own persona; newcomers need to stay calm & concentrate on their target and the purpose of visiting the UAE. Everyone needs to know that jobs are not waiting for them on arrival, but they must come with a prepared job search strategy. 

There are many types of jobs & sectors that are in great demand in 2023. The most valuable skills and fields with great demands & good salaries in Dubai & UAE.

Nursing: Nursing is an evergreen field and job sector which is in great demand even in 2023 too. Before the pandemic, the demand was high for trained and skillful medical experts and professionals. Now again, the demand for registered nurses is increasing again & it is among the top demanding jobs in UAE.

Financial Analyst & Managers:

The financial sector is creating high-paid jobs & it is producing a lot of jobs. There are thousands of financial companies and businesses that are in need of financial experts. Experienced finance managers have a lot of job opportunities waiting for them.

IT Jobs:

Highly developed IT infrastructure has made IT companies flock toward UAE. IT companies are working are active in thousands and creating high-paid jobs for bloggers, software developers, and IT experts, and Digital Marketing & Social media marketing jobs are in high demand. Bloggers are also in demand with great opportunities for them. Social marketers are also in demand, because of the high competition among businesses to grab the audience share and have a great brand name.

Though social media marketing is a part of digital marketing, companies are looking to hire digital marketing specialists with great affection. Digital marketing is one of the most demanding skills in UAE & has very active job offers for professionals.

Video Production:

The video editing & picturization jobs sector is also in great demand. With the increased demand, a great number of jobs are produced every year, it will be in demand this year too.


Engineering is all time in demand, because of the highly developed infrastructure development & ongoing projects, engineers are in great demand & thousands of jobs are announced every job season. Chemical, electrical, mechanical & civil engineering are the top fields which are lucratively paid. 


Customer relation jobs & PR jobs are highly in demand almost every time. Dealing with the public, and customers, nurturing leads & customer relation jobs are the hottest jobs in the UAE job market. In this sector, Jobs in UAE are highly paid too because of the nature of work. 


If you are good in teaching students & have great teaching and making the student understand the subject, you would get good chances to grow in this field. Experienced & talented teachers are high in demand and are paid very good salaries. 

Web Design & Web Development:

Web design and web development is another field which is highly in demand, & offer very good salary packages to experienced professionals. They also have part-time jobs offered which makes it a very attractive field for professionals.

The work environment is almost the same as the rest of the world, duty times are 8, 9 & 10, depending upon the company and the job nature. Weekends are now the same as the rest of the world while 30 paid leaves are given to white-collar employees. Expats have good jobs and income opportunities when it comes to the job situation. Holiday work have also a system developed but It depends upon the company’s situation and the company’s work nature. In the probation period, no medical or sick leave is not allowed, but in most cases, companies provide it on their internal level. Jobs contract has all the information, including the probation duration, promotion minimum period, increments, housing allowances & other relevant information.

All foreigners have to have a work visa if they wish to stay for a work visa. The visa process is very easy & fast, but the company often is responsible for the work permit and visa application process.)

Here we are going to list the most valuable points which are very necessary for job seekers to find a job in Dubai.

  1. The first & most important point does not to start applying without a plan & mechanism. Try to keep a sequence while applying for jobs in different Emirates. Over-applying may hit back, if you get calls from different emirates of UAE on the same day, you may find it difficult to attend all the interviews. This is why you need to keep a sequence and not over-apply.
  2. You should know how can you find a job that matches your skills, education, and experience related, listing down the websites, companies, and government entities which possibly can have your desired jobs can help you find the desired job easily. Following the jobs pages & regularly visiting the company websites’ career pages is also suggested.
  3. When you finalize the program of shifting to Dubai, you need to start applying at least nine to ten days before reaching here. The logic behind this approach as companies needs at least a week to start interview calls. The more you have applied in a certain area, the more you will get interview calls.
  4. Try to get a UAE local mobile number & make WhatsApp against that number. Do not use your backcountry number, as companies do not prefer calling candidates outside the country.
  5. Use updated CV formats which are highly in use in UAE, you can check for updated CV formats. Also, UAE’s recruitment agencies, recruiters on an individual level, and job portals offer paid CV formats, which are tailored and made according to the UAE market.
  6. After getting the CV, write a catchy title specifying your years of experience & the field of expertise.
  7. If you are shifting to find a job, you need to make arrangements for your residence before reaching here.  You won’t be able to afford the hotel charges in the long run. As it is difficult to find a residence on this short notice, you need to list the top property sites, which have active rooms, and bed spaces listing. You can contact them & finalize & close the deal. Sharing-based & bed spaces are not expensive to bear the charges. The best would be to contact a friend or relative or own countrymen to guide and help you find a residence for you.
  8. Almost the top countries like India, Pakistan, Philippines & few other countries’ expats communities have made social media groups, pages, and communities to guide & help newcomers. Make sure to search and join such groups & communities & ask for guidelines, you will get a good picture. Also, if you are coming on a visit visa, your travel agency can also give you information and guidance.
  9. Make a list of all the top jobs websites, Cadima Jobs, Indeed, Naukri Gulf, LinkedIn, Bayt, Gulf Talent & few other websites that are very active in the jobs UAE market & are the leading websites that post almost all the jobs in UAE.
  10. For a job search, you need to fully utilize 5 weekdays, on Friday evening give it a pause & spare some time to refresh yourself.
  11. Before even reaching prepare a list of famous places & tourist spots to visit on Weekends & Sundays. Keep Saturday & Sunday for refreshing yourself, and visit a famous tourist destination to refresh your energies and interest in living here.
  12. Resume your job search from Sunday night, in the morning you will get the interview calls for sure. Remember that you need to keep your mobile switched on all the time & try not to miss any interview calls, as it creates a very bad impression.
  13. Make a script for yourself, a proper professional introduction, and key points about your expertise and skills with punchlines to impress the caller from the recruitment team.
  14. Be precise and to the point, answer clearly & offer them to show your reports and experience letters. You should have a clear answer about salary expectations and the joining date. If you keep confused and don’t give a clear answer, it would result in a bad impression.
  15. You should know that some fields like digital marketing, social media marketing, web design, software engineers, and developers may get a job offer while being in their native country. If they have good skills & experience, they can give it a try by applying for different jobs in Dubai from their home countries. A lot of such professionals have got job offers while being there in their home countries.
  16. Your LinkedIn profile should have all the information, academic qualification, work & experience details. The LinkedIn profile status should be “Open for Work” which will encourage companies to contact you for job offers. 

UAE Visa Types:

UAE has one of the fastest and very convenient visa & travel systems. There are different types of visas that are applicable in the UAE which is very easy to avail.

Visit & Tourist Visas:

If you want to visit UAE, you can avail of visit visas. You can avail of different visit visas, given as under.

30 Days 

60 Days

120 Days Jobs exploration visa

14 Days

48 Hours Transit

96 Hours Transit

Multi entry, 5 Years tourist visa.


Other types of UAE Visas are:

UAE 10-Year Golden Visa.

UAE 5-Year Golden Visa

Freelance Green Visa

UAE Companies Investor Visa.

UAE Retirement Visa.

UAE Specialist Resident Visa.

UAE Family/spouse Visa.

UAE Employment Visa.

UAE Domestic Workers Visa.

Mission Visa.

Lot of changes are applied & implemented with the start of the new year. Some of the rules are made clear and relaxed. If you want to apply for the tourist or visit visa, you can get it from Airlines & also travel agents. 

Here are some of the important pros & cons of Dubai for Expats.


No tax on salaries

Career opportunities & jobs

Career growth chances

Multicultural city & Country

Developed infrastructure & advanced facilities.

Broad-minded society & tolerant society

Safe & Peaceful

Beautiful beaches & tourist destinations

Easy & quick visa & work permit process

Advanced metro & transport system


High living costs for jobless or job seekers or with lower wages

Summer is severe & very hot.

No permanent residence

Less greenery

Lifestyle in Dubai:

Apart from good career opportunities & financial benefits, a lot of people get here to enjoy the Dubai lifestyle. It is the safest place for everyone and for families and is the ideal place to live in, schools, and health facilities. For young people, Dubai’s nightlife brings a lot of colors.
Ethnic Diversity:
 United Arab Emirates citizens are only around 9 – 10% of the Dubai population while the rest are the Expats from around 200 countries. Dubai is one the best cosmopolitan city in the world with one of the highest ratios of expats from around the globe. Despite people from different countries, people do not get socialized with other communities but spend time & live in “nationality silos” with their other fellow countrymen.  


Dubai has the busiest airports with direct flights from almost every country across the group. UAE has the world’s top airline & the busiest airport with direct flights facility in almost every airport. Also, the location makes it a hub for air traffic and stops which makes it an ideal place & a junction.

Now, something about jobs in Dubai.

Jobs in Dubai

There are many ways to search and find a job, either by searching online or through walk-in interviews, or through a recruitment agency. Dubai is a highly active business center with a lot of multinational businesses and companies having their headquarters here. Many of the companies run their Africa & Middle East operations from Dubai. Dubai is not only home to UAE-grown global aviation market leader Emirates Airlines & other companies like DP world but also thousands of local, expat owned & international small businesses. These businesses are producing hundreds of thousands of jobs. There are a lot of sectors, industries & fields which are more developed than others, hence producing a mixed number of job opportunities with some sectors producing more and some producing less.

Work Environment in Dubai

Companies have different types of work environments depending upon their management. You can experience almost every type of work environment from cut-throat, competitive, friendly, multicultural, laid-back, etc. Offices are mixed & there is no limitation or restrictions on men & women but do not misunderstand to compare it to America or any other liberal country.

The dress code is formal, but it highly depends upon the company culture and role, casual dress shirts and jeans are being used. Arabic is the national, primary, and official language of the UAE but the business language is English. Most companies have mixed & multicultural teams, so they can speak Hindi, Urdu, Filipino, Arabic, or English at their convenience. A person with Arabic & English language skills can thrive more than anyone.


In the past, there were fewer tech startups but now the trend is changing. In the last few years, a lot of startups and new tech companies have started. A lot of great startups emerged in the market with some gaining lot of success like the Taxi app Careem, Souq which was acquired by Amazon, Noon, and many other businesses. These types of startups created lot of jobs while creating very good job opportunities for lot of people with different skills. Apart from this, hundreds of thousands of companies are companies produce jobs & keep the jobs market active.

The Target companies:

As stated earlier, there are a lot of companies active in the UAE, which can be segmented and grouped into 4 types. Every type of company has its own distinction & specification. The four types of companies are:

Local giant groups of companies

Giant Multinational 

Government institutions 

Local SME’s 

The giant local group of companies or setups have a great role in the advancement of the UAE economy & produce thousands of jobs every job season. These giant setups have grown significantly & are mainly families owned. They have a complete system for daily operations, and hiring procedures & recruitment teams. They have a clearly structured career with specific roles and responsibilities which is why competition is high for such jobs.

Giant Multinational:

These companies are the most attractive job choices, the bigger the brand is, the higher the job demand is. Another reason, a job in a big multinational company polishes skills and brightens the future, is it makes you stand out in the first line of choice for any job. The multicultural teams, the international working standards, highly attractive salaries structure, benefits and training, and career growth opportunities make it ideal for every expat to apply for such companies


Small & Medium Sized enterprises developed and flourished in the recent few years. The founders of the business partners manage, and things are executed at a fast pace. It is a highly competitive place, with a lot of work and career growth opportunities. A fact is that not everyone like such setups because of the broader range of work nature and responsibilities they must perform on daily basis. 


Because of high pay scales & fewer work pressures, these kinds of jobs are very popular among ex-pats but expats are hired in some of the segments as the majority of government sectors are kept reserved for UAE nationals only.

Job seekers need to check all the major job portals for skills & experience-relevant jobs. They also can contact recruitment companies as recruitment have a wide range of jobs-demand poll. An important point that you should need to keep in consideration is that some jobs specify nationalities. Some jobs have explicitly specified nationalities & some mentioned it indirectly through some conditions. Job seekers shouldn’t waste their energies on such jobs. 

The basic point behind any nationality has certain reasons, like, in some big real estate companies, Russians are hired to communicate with Russian property clients.

Now something about writing a perfect CV:

CV is a personal & academic representative; it has all the information presented to the hiring staff. If your CV is updated not only by information but also by format and design, you would get higher responses than you expected.