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Tips for making a good impression in Job interviews.

Tips for making a good impression in Job interviews.

For every job or Companies get a lot of CVs for every single job they post. Obviously, they can’t call everyone for the interviews but only a limited number of people with the most relevant skills & experience. If you have a very well-prepared CV with all the skills & experience highlighted in a prominent way, you can have a great chance to get called for an interview. We have shared how to prepare an impressive CV, which would help you for sure to prepare a remarkable CV to increase your chances to get called for an interview.

The job interview is the most vulnerable part if you perceive it as a routine office task. Infect, it is the most important part that decides the candidate’s fate. We have some prepared some tips for the candidates to get through the interview & get a Job in Dubai ASAP.

1.  Research:

Upon receiving a call for an interview on a certain day, the first thing you should remember to ask yourself is, do I know about the company? How much information do I have about the potential employer? What type of company they are, make research & know about their products & services. Nowadays, you can find anything about a business online, what are they, what type of products and services they offer & much more. You can check the company vision & mission so that you can have some idea about the company to find some valuable points for the interview.

2. Prepare A list of Questions & Answers:

You should search & prepare a list with the top let’s say 100, or 200 questions which should have the possible technical, real-time & job field-related material for which you have been called for an interview. You should think about your previous experience what type of work did you do & what techniques & methodologies were being used. 

Listing and preparing all the possible questions will help you have a good impression during the interview and help you find a job. One thing you should know, you need to have practical experience too, not only memorizing or preparing the answers. It is not a handy approach at all & very unethical in personal and professional contexts.

3. Practice:

Everyone practices presentations, speeches & even interview questionnaires to make it perfect. Try to practice it with your friend or maybe in front of a mirror. It will help you to get confidence and perfection in answering the questions. Simulate it or even prepare a demo interview with a friend to make it perfect. Search for the toughest & the most technical questions so that you can cover all the possible aspects.

4. Dressing:

Dress well to impress well. Even if you are well prepared, you still need to be visually good to impress the interviewer. The conventional dress is very handy for the first good impression. A dress and clean hairstyle, a well-trimmed beard or cleaned shave, good shoes, a watch & a laptop (to show instant reports) & a fragrance would bring a pleasant outcome for you.

5. Punctuality:

Reaching on time is very good while getting late for an interview would result in first very bad impression. Your slot may be allocated and filled by someone else & you may miss it. A good approach would be to reach 10 to 15 minutes early, it will give you a good time to relax and can gather your energies for having a good interview.

6. Listen, Think & Answer:

Don’t be in hurry to answer. Being an interviewee, you would have to talk most of the time during the interview. Let them complete the questions & sentences, as listening to the interviewer is very important to understand the question in full context. Interruption is not only unprofessional but also may bring a communication gap & you may misunderstand questions. Listen, think, and answer in a precise and practical way.

7. Eye Contact:

Eye contact is considered bold, being confident and indicates your sincerity. Infect, it shows your interest in the position and is taken as a respected way of communication. Looking here and there not only is understood as being shy, distracted, and having a lack of confidence to make eye contact. Relax with a smile and make eye contact while answering.

8. During the Interview:

During the interview, try to stay relaxed, pass an occasional friendly smile while answering & try not to think deeper about the question asked, it may distract you. Keep precise words for every answer, do not repeat your words, and avoid prolonging the answers. 

9. Additional Material:

Bring more than one copy of your CV, and prepare your previous work stored online so that you can share the link Instantly if they missed it on your CV. Keep hard copies of all your reports, documents, and publications (if any). 

The interview is not rocket science that you won’t be able to pass it. You just need to keep all the possible questions prepared. Keep your outlook clean & stylish for a first impression. With the help of these tips shared above, you can easily pass any interview for your next dream job. Best of Luck from Cadima Jobs!