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UAE has shaped its way to a digital future long ago.

UAE has shaped its way to a digital future long ago. By developing the most advanced digital business processing system, UAE has a favorable business environment to prosper and grow. The business and online commerce growth have resulted in producing a great number of jobs which is increasing every day. Great initiatives have already been launched and the government has reshaped the visa and work permit rules for skilled workers. IT, AI, digital economy, online commerce, autonomous vehicle strategies, space exploration, biotech, and many other fields are given a high level of attention to promote. These fields are attracting experienced professionals & producing high numbers of jobs in various fields. 

The government is encouraging world talent to explore their skills in UAE’s well-developed job market, by relaxing the visa & residency rules, introducing new types of visas & providing a transparent & quick government system that completes every process swiftly. 

AI engineers, Software Engineering & E-Commerce specialists are the areas that will be creating jobs in massive numbers. AI will be the leading force to divert the sequence and methods of business operations, & it is given huge importance. Recently DEWA has contracted Microsoft & Open AI to integrate ChatGPT into their system. 

Here are the 10 High paid jobs which will increase in demand:

 1. AI engineers:

AI is everywhere now, highly implemented in social media & some giant e-commerce brands. AI when first introduced people thought it would result in increased employment because of automation. Infect some of the roles are taken over by AI but the human resource is not replaced & it may not be possible to replicate it. AI is highly been used in government institutions, health, education & land & air traffic control departments.

2. Data Science professionals:

Data science is a sector that has great potential and will be high in demand for many years. Ten-year golden visa is offered to qualified data scientists. They possibly have emirates citizenship too if it is approved & nominated by the officials from Royal Court (some sources claims).

3. Management professionals and consultants:

Management consultants make the companies avoid any business management-related issues & make sure the smooth flow of management operations. They help the business to grow by solving any type of management, operation, and business problems.

4. Principal Scientist:

Principal scientists are the team leads in various fields from renewable energy, nuclear energy, health & or space programs. They will be high in demand in the coming years.

5. Doctors & Specialists:

Doctors & medical professionals are always in high demand almost everywhere. The pandemic crisis made it clear to the government that how important it is to make the healthcare system more effective. More of jobs are likely to be open continuously with the passage of time.

6. Bankers:

Investment bankers are high in demand. Due to the uncertain situation in the past few years, pandemics, wars oil prices crash, etc. have made the global economy volatile which has increased the demands for such professionals. 

7. Cyber security experts:

Cyber attacks and cybercrimes are now everywhere and very consistent. Financial companies & almost every successful business is looking for experienced and skilled cybersecurity engineers. Businesses are trying to have a secure system to protect any mishap & cybercrime which not only result in great financial loss but also drain the brand reputation. Cyber security-related jobs are among the hot jobs in Dubai.

8. Finance experts:

Finance experts’ jobs are still greatly in demand despite the boom of digital systems. Finance officers have now certain software and tools to enhance their efficiency. 

9. Software developers & engineers:

Websites are now compulsory parts of businesses, which is why software engineers and developers are in demand & it is increasing with time. With the boom of smartphone use, businesses are now looking not only to have websites but also in the need of apps too. This is why software engineers & developers would be in demand for many years and it would increase day by day.

10. HR professionals:

HR professionals are responsible for all human resources operations and matters. They are not only responsible for hiring but also responsible for the post-hiring employee matters. Technology is not going to replace their roles for many years.